FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

Remarks of Commissioner Clyburn at Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

Simply put, if you truly believe in the transformative power of broadband, as a tool of digital and economic empowerment, your focus cannot begin and end, with infrastructure.

Remarks of Commissioner Clyburn at "Internet Freedom Now: The Future of Civil Rights Depends on Net Neutrality"

We are weeks away, from broadband providers being given the green light, to freely engage in paid prioritization, blocking, throttling, or unreasonable discrimination at interconnection points.

Remarks of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, California Women's Conference

The Federal Communications Commission’s most recent report on media ownership, released May 10, revealed that women own just 8.6 percent of the 11,919 broadcast stations in this country.

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s Remarks at Public Forum on Access and Affordability

Why is it that some of the largest communications providers in this country consistently rank among the lowest in consumer satisfaction? Could it possibly have anything to do with a lack of robust competition?

FCC Commissioner Clyburn and FTC Commsissioner McSweeny Joint Statement on Open Internet

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai released a plan that, if implemented, will hand over control of the open internet to the powerful gatekeepers of our connections to the modern world.

Commissioner Clyburn Remarks at the Media Solutions Summit

In addition to the work needed on independent programming, we continue to fail miserably as a nation when it comes to the state of minority and women ownership in the broadcast space.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee Kickoff

Whether you are discussing how to address the thorny issues of access to poles, ducts, or conduit, I ask that you think about the impact your decisions will have on consumers.

Commissioner Clyburn Statement on Transparency in the Business Data Services Proceeding

In less than two weeks, the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote on an item that will have serious ramifications for the $45 billion market for business data services.

Statement of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn on Introduction of Legislation to Enhance Broadcast Ownership Diversity

Rep GK Butterfield (D-NC) has hit the nail on the head when it comes to proposing solutions for a more inclusive media landscape. I heartily support and applaud his introduction of the Expanding Broadcast Ownership Opportunities Act (HR 1883).

The commissioners of the FTC and FCC are worried about your online privacy

[Commentary] With so much going on in Washington, the American people may not be up to date with the Congressional Review Act — an obscure tool Congress has been using to rescind policies that were put in place by the previous administration.