FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

Remarks of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, Regional Smart Cities Forum

The Federal Communications Commission should create more incentives for companies to deploy service over fixed and mobile wireless networks to undercapitalized communities. One way we can do this, is by making wireless spectrum available through auctions. 

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Clyburn at the NARUC Winter Summit

Speaking about universal service fund (USF) programs -- high-cost and Lifeline --  and contribution reform ...

Cancer project also a bet on rural broadband’s future

[Commentary] Lack of digital connectivity carries extremely high costs, but few areas reveal the opportunities and challenges of rural digital divides better than health care. Broadband has the power to conquer distance. With telemedicine, we can extend the reach of care, making it possible for treatment, even hours from the nearest hospital. Initial analysis shows that rural “cancer hotspots” also face major gaps in broadband access and adoption.

FCC Commissioner Clyburn Statement on AT&T/Fibertower Transaction

"It has long been customary at the Federal Communications Commission for Bureaus planning to issue significant orders on delegated authority to provide those items to Commissioners 48 hours prior to their scheduled release. Then, if anyone Commissioner asked for the Order to be brought up to the Commission level for a vote, that request would be honored." That is a direct quote from then-Commissioner Ajit Pai during testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee on March 18, 2015.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn before the National Rural Health Association

Simply and admittedly boldly put, broadband is, I believe, the public health tool, of, our, time. New thinking, innovative cross-sector collaborations, these hold significant promise, for the future of broadband and improved health, in rural America. And I have absolutely no doubt, that government can be a powerful catalyst, to achieving these shared goals for rural America, but as important a player as we are, we cannot do it alone. Each of you in this room, has got to lock arms with us.

Commissioner Clyburn's Remarks at Incompas Policy Summit

Allow me to highlight where the current Federal Communications Commission’s competition policy needs a makeover, and round things out with a couple of bright spots that are ripe for addressing in a bipartisan way. This Administration seems to only pay lip service, when it comes to ensuring competition, and, what is worse, it has a particularly creative view of what kind of services actually “count” as competitive. But I always seek out a silver lining no matter how gray or thick the cloud formation. First, we can take action to unleash competition in multiple-tenant environments. Second, re

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, US Safer Internet Day

What an honor it is, to take part in Safer Internet Day 2018 with you, the future leaders of this state and nation.

It's Too Soon to Unleash Comcast

[Commentary] Just seven years after the $30 billion mega-merger between Comcast and NBCUniversal, the behemoth company has been freed from the temporary rules the Federal Communications Commission imposed to prevent it from discriminating against its competitors. Whether you’re a TV consumer, another cable company or a content provider, there’s good reason to be concerned. Comcast-NBCU has found ways to leverage its assets in ways that harm consumers and competition, and some of these moves have violated the FCC's conditions.

FCC and Tribal Broadband Deployment

FCC Commissioner Clyburn: “When it comes to the FCC’s commitment to expand tribal broadband, what’s the hold up? Chairman Pai repeatedly claims that closing the digital divide is among his top priorities, yet nearly a year has elapsed since a proposal was first put forward to help improve connectivity for Native communities and still no action. As my colleagues in the Majority are fond of saying, companies need certainty. I agree.

Defining Recoverable Expenses for Rate-of-Return Providers

As the Federal Communications Commission begins to explore potential changes to its regulations for rate-of-return carriers, we both wholeheartedly support action to curb impermissible expenditures.  The public trust is violated, if or when bad actors take extensive leeway in defining what is acceptable for reimbursement by the FCC and ratepayers.  Past stories highlight spending on personal mansions, fancy boats, lavish parties, and country club memberships, just to name a few.