Craig Settles

Urban Communities Need Better Broadband Too!

This report 1) explains how inadequate competition cripples urban broadband, 2) outlines the needs for gigabit speed and capacity in urban settings; 3) highlights why digital inclusion is an imperative; and 4) offers recommendations to maximize ur

States, stand down! Let community broadband innovate.

[Commentary] Creating “Smart Cities” is a concept taking hold in rural and urban communities.

Mr. Wheeler, tear down these walls: The economic case for removing barriers to muni broadband

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler clearly wants to protect communities from state intrusion by having the legislative barriers to public-owned networks in 19 states removed or heavily curtailed.

Can telemedicine help communities justify better broadband?

[Commentary] Telemedicine -- using telecommunications to enhance medical and healthcare delivery -- is lauded for advancing the public good, improving the quality of life and transforming the patient/doctor relationship for the betterment of both.

Maybe you don’t need a gig. Wireless might bridge the broadband gap

[Commentary] Not every community needs a fiber-to-the-home network. Not every home needs a gig to their doorstep.

Gigabit lesson No. 1: Partner in haste, repent at leisure

[Commentary] First Google offers to build a lucky city a gigabit network. Now new companies are arriving with similar offers.