Craig Settles

Virginia School District Gives 49% of Students Broadband, Bill Would Take It Away

In 2016, the Appomattox County School District in Virginia used broadband in a unique way to close the “homework gap” for 49 percent. of its students.

Can Hybrid Wired/Wireless Infrastructure Stop the Broadband Hype?

[Commentary] Now that wireless can comfortably reach 40 to 50 Mbps in the home and gig wireless capacity backhaul is working in the field, can hybrid wired/wireless infrastructure dial back some of the hype?

Analysis: Bills in VA and MO Would Double Down on Banning Municipal Broadband

Legislation proposed in Virginia and Missouri would tighten the noose that restricts local governments from creating broadband options.

The Creation Orientation = Better Community Broadband

[Commentary] There are two ways to approach community broadband networks and “owning the business of broadband”: the problem-solving approach and the creation orientation approach.

Fiber and Wireless – Stronger Together for Community Broadband

Google in June stunned some in the broadband world by acquiring wireless provider Webpass and “momentarily” exiting the fiber stage. Hybrid wired/wireless networks became the Next Big Thing – for a month.

Community broadband strategies in the Trump era

[Commentary] President-elect Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp in Washington” of the lobbyists who feed on policymakers in our nations capital. For a fleeting moment, community broadband advocates were buoyed by populist rhetoric.

After Election, Broadband Proponents Need to Go Local

[Commentary] Americans may be split in national politics, but when the topic is broadband, voters of all persuasions are supporting fewer restrictions on community-sponsored networks.

New Use of Wireless Holds Promise for Rural Broadband

[Commentary] For years, we’ve heard “fiber is the future.” Now some innovators, including Google, say fixed wireless could play a bigger role in getting high-speed access to rural America.

Municipal Wireless: Making the Case for Wireless/Wired Hybrid Infrastructure

[Commentary] Despite the fact that AT&T and Verizon stores are abundant in many neighborhoods, it doesn’t take much to show that large incumbents do not adequately serve urban communities.

Combination of Need, Cost and Innovations Are Rekindling the Muni Wireless Dream

[Commentary] Many are surprised by the news that Google is delaying some of its municipal fiber builds -- and speculation is building that the company is quietly upping its wireless game.