Craig Settles

Schools, Libraries are Obvious Setting for Telehealth

When communities design broadband infrastructure to facilitate healthcare and telehealth delivery, they obviously plan to connect medical practitioners’ hospitals, offices, and other healthcare facilities.

Creative Orientation Means Success In Broadband and Telehealth

Two years ago I wrote that community broadband builders have two options for network deployment: they could use the problem-solving approach or the creation orie

3 Steps to Advancing Telehealth Networks

Telehealth vendors have the frustrating experience of seeing their best efforts to serve rural populations thwarted by pathetic broadband connections. Or worse, no broadband at all.

In Telehealth, Marketing Works

Effective, well thought-out, multi-faceted marketing can make your community broadband network more money and can cost less than sales teams alone.

Telehealth Changes Could Help Rural Seniors Age in Place

[Commentary] Telemedicine providers can’t catch senior citizens when they fall.

Slower Speeds, Less Access: The Public Agency Response to Rural Broadband

Public entities like the Federal Communications Commission and state legislatures are supposed to look after the common good.

Internet Discrimination is a 'Feature,' Not a Problem, Says FCC Chief

[Commentary] On Thursday, December 14, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on a proposal to abolish net neutrality.

Where does it hurt? Using telehealth to improve community broadband

[Commentary] The high rate of rural hospital closures is one factor driving the increasing interest in telemedicine, which uses high speed internet services to connect patients with healthcare providers.

Legislative Efforts In Missouri, Tennessee Leave Broadband Advocates Hopeful

[Commentary] Advocates who say local governments and utility cooperatives should have more freedom to provide broadband in underserved areas scored two legislative victories this spring.

The Co-op’s Broadband Plan for Success

In the battle to deploy broadband, cooperatives (co-ops) can be a decisive force to cover the rural flanks in states with aggressive broadband adoption goals such as California, New York, and Minnesota.