From the Colorado Digital Access Plan

Vision Statement

Every Coloradan has the connectivity, devices, and skills they need to thrive in our digital society and economy by 2028.

Mission Statement

With a focus on building community partnerships, Colorado’s Digital Access Plan will create a roadmap for implementing programs, policies, and funding. This roadmap will help ensure people who have been marginalized and those who lack connectivity, devices, skills, or familiarity will have the opportunity to cross the digital divide. We want everyone to be able to access the incredible benefits of our digital society and economy.


Through collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships, Colorado’s Digital Access Plan seeks to build a statewide community to achieve digital equity and parity for all Coloradans while uplifting the following values:

Opportunity To Thrive

The Digital Access Plan creates robust opportunities for individuals to engage in digital activities, which empowers all Coloradans to reach their full potential and achieve their digital goals.


The Digital Access Plan values active participation and engagement, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of background, identity, or abilities. It envisions a Colorado where everyone’s voice is heard, diverse perspectives are embraced and valued, and everyone is treated with dignity, empathy, and respect.

Creativity and Choice 

The Digital Access Plan encourages and celebrates creativity. It recognizes creativity as a catalyst for innovation and problem-solving and for inspiring new ideas and approaches to address digital inequities. By supporting and promoting the freedom to make informed choices and respecting individual preferences and autonomy, the Digital Access Plan ensures the diverse needs of all Coloradans will be met.


Advocating for fairness and justice in all digital equity-related activities, the Digital Access Plan ensures everyone has digital access to pursue the opportunities and resources that enrich their lives.


The Digital Access Plan promotes resilience by cultivating the strength and ability to adapt to changes in technology. This, in turn, empowers individuals and communities to overcome obstacles and thrive in the face of adversity


By prioritizing programmatic and fiscal sustainability, the Digital Access Plan acknowledges the interdependence between the different dimensions of digital equity. The plan works toward a balanced and regenerative future with digital equity for all Coloradans.


The Digital Access Plan values the power of data-driven decision-making. It uses accurate and reliable information to gain insights, drive innovation, and inform strategies and actions. The plan also embraces accountability and ensures transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct in data-related endeavors.