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FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for July 2020 Open Meeting

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the items below are tentatively on the agenda for the July Open Commission Meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 16, 2020:

FCC Report Finds Substantial Availability of Robocall Blocking Tools

The Federal Communications Commission issued its 2020 staff report on the availability and effectiveness of call blocking tools offered to consumers. Surveying data submitted by a variety of commenters, the FCC found that call blocking tools are now substantially available to consumers at no or low cost. In addition to this report, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the FCC will

Not Alone

Items on the Federal Communications Commission's July 2020 agenda:

FCC Will Vote At July Meeting On Final Rules Designating '988' As 3-Digit Number For National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai presented his colleagues with draft rules to establish 988 as the new, nationwide, 3-digit phone number for Americans in crisis to connect with suicide prevention and mental health crisis counselors. The rules, if adopted by the FCC at its July 16 Open Meeting, would require all phone service providers to begin directing all 988 calls to the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by July 16, 2022.

Commerce Dept Clears Way for US Companies to More Fully Engage in Tech Standards-Development Bodies in Telecom Sector

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced a new rule ensuring US industry’s ability to more fully contribute to standards-development activities in the telecommunications sector. International standards serve as the critical building blocks for technological development by enabling functionality, interoperability, and safety.

Proposed Third Quarter 2020 Universal Service Contribution Factor

The Federal Communications Commission's Office of Managing Director (OMD) announces that the proposed universal service contribution factor for the third quarter of 2020 will be 0.265 or 26.5 percent. The Federal Communications Commission calculates the quarterly contribution factor based on the ratio of total projected quarterly costs of the universal service support mechanisms to contributors’ total projected collected end-user interstate and international telecommunications revenues, net of projected contributions.

Threats to US Networks: Oversight of Chinese Government-Owned Carriers

Not all international expansion of telecommunications carriers is in the United States’ national security interests. Some foreign governments seek to exploit the openness of America’s telecommunications market to advance their own national interests.

FCC Reaches $5 Million Settlement with magicJack

The Federal Communications Commission reached a $5 million settlement with voice over Internet provider (VoIP) magicJack regarding its failure to report its interstate revenues and contribute to the Universal Service Fund. The company, which sells a VoIP telephone service to consumers, agreed to the settlement, along with an extensive compliance plan. magicJack markets itself to consumers as a competitive replacement for traditional telephone service. It uses Internet service to allow consumers to make phone calls to and receive calls from traditional mobile and landline phones.

FCC to Court: Deny Huawei

The Federal Communications Commission told the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit that Huawei is wrong on all counts in its challenge to the FCC's decision to exclude suspect tech in general from its Universal Service Fund subsidies and, tentatively, Huawei in particular. Even if the FCC had not moved to exclude technology deemed a national security threat from the Universal Service Fund dollars, Congress seconded that with legislation that required it.  The FCC filed in court with Huawei's appeal of the FCC decision, saying the court can make its decision based on those briefs but t

Chairman Pai Response to Senators Regarding Inmate Calling Services and Keep Americans Connected Pledge

On April 15, 2020, 19 senators wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to urge the FCC to immediately call on telecommunications providers serving law enforcement facilities across the nation to provide free phone calls and video visitations to incarcerated and detained individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.