Communication at a distance, especially the electronic transmission of signals via the telephone

AT&T Suggests FCC Clarify Types of Municipal Regulations, Fees That Prohibit Small Cell Deployment

In its recent Declaratory Ruling, the Federal Communications Commission declared that, with rare exceptions, moratoria on the acceptance, processing, or approval of applications or permits for telecommunications services or facilities violate Sect

The One Telecom Group That *Does* Support Net Neutrality

Charles "Chip" Pickering, a conservative Republican former member of Congress and CEO of a telecommunications-industry group called Incompas, supports net neutrality. Under Pickering's leadership, Incompas has been a steadfast defender of 2015 rul

Phone Calls From New York City Jails Will Soon Be Free

People who end up in jail in New York City will now be able to use the phones there for free, after Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a bill into law that will eliminate the charge.

CWA Collects Signatures Against One Touch Make Ready Pole Policy

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) is fighting hard against a Federal Communications Commission proposal they say endangers its members and could send CWA work to unskilled non-union contractors.

Agenda for August 2, 2018 FCC Meeting

The Federal Communications Commission will hold an Open Meeting on the subjects listed below on Thursday, August 2, 2018:

Billion Dollar-Plus FCC CAF II Auction Begins

The Federal Communications Commission July 24 began auctioning billions in broadband buildout subsidies to cable operators and other competitors to the incumbent telecommunication companies.

FCC Authorizes an Additional $36 Million Annually to A-CAM Carriers for Rural Broadband Support

The Federal Communications Commission has released an additional $36 million annually for 175 small rural carriers that opted to transition to receive broadband Universal Service support based on the alternative Connect America cost model (A-CAM).

Democratic Lawmakers Say ICE Charging Parents To Call Their Kids Violates Immigration Standards

After being separated from their children at the border and detained in facilities scattered across the US, some migrant parents have to pay steep fees to speak with their children, a policy that a group of Democratic lawmakers have called "shamel

Republican Senators drop bid to block President Trump from helping Chinese telecom giant ZTE

Bowing to White House demands, Republican Senators have backed off their attempt to reimpose US sanctions on the Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE.

Verizon to expand high-speed internet in New York

Verizon eached a deal with state regulators to expand its high-speed internet services in New York and repair its existing telephone infrastructure.