Open government

Statement on Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

On June 28, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity issued a letter requesting that states provide publicly available voter data as permitted under their state laws.

Why almost every state is partially or fully rebuffing Trump’s election commission

Officials in nearly every state say they cannot or will not turn over all of the voter data President Trump’s voting commission is seeking, dealing what could be a serious blow to Trump’s attempts to bolster his claims that widespread fraud cost h

News Reports Prompt Senate Request for FISA Court Info

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Crime and Terrorism Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have asked for all the surveillance warrants the FBI asked for from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court as

CBO Scores S 760, OPEN Government Data Act

The OPEN Government Data Act (S 760) would direct federal agencies to publish all data they collect in an open format that can be used by any computer.

Why the Case for Transparency Must Be Made Anew

[Commentary] The Trump Administration’s penchant for secrecy is not a media issue; it is a democracy issue. And that makes it the weak spot in President Donald Trump’s otherwise successful jihad against American journalism.

What is it that the Trump administration doesn’t want us to see?

[Commentary] President Trump’s administration blocked journalists from recording audio or video of the June 19 briefing. Such pathetic, undemocratic cowardice is part of a disturbing trend.

How Policy Could Advance Open Data in Government

Citizens could soon get access to more federal data if new legislation is passed, a General Services Administration official said.

New Facebook tools aim to help connect lawmakers, constituents

Facebook released a new set of tools to help facilitate civic engagement and discourse between voters and their representatives.

Knight Institute Demands That President Trump Unblock Critics on Twitter

In a letter sent to President Donald Trump, the Knight First Amendment Institute asked the President to unblock the Twitter accounts of individuals denied access to his account after they criticized or disagreed with him, or face legal action to p

Why Is Access To Public Records Still So Frustratingly Complicated?

The Freedom of Information Act, often known as FOIA, has been used by journalists, activists, and private citizens to get access to federal government records since it went into effect in 1967.