Online privacy

Judge approves limited search warrant for data on anti-Trump protesters

A District of Columbia judge ruled that a Web host provider must provide the government with digital data from a website widely used to help organize protests against President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January.

Silicon Valley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun

[Commentary] Silicon Valley is an extractive industry. Its resource isn’t oil or copper, but data. Companies harvest this data by observing as much of our online activity as they can.

Justice Department walks back demand for information on anti-Trump website

After controversy over a broad search warrant that could have identified visitors to an anti-Trump website, the Justice Department says it’s scaling back a demand for information from hosting service DreamHost.

Privacy Conversation at 2017 TPI Aspen Forum

Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) wants us to get real about how much faith we should put in encryption.

Online Sleuths Are Outing Racists, But Should They?

Shortly after Aug 12’s white nationalist march through Charlottesville, outraged internet users took to social media to call out some of the participants in the march.

While Congress kills internet privacy, states take a stand for users

[Commentary] The disturbing implications of abolishing internet privacy rules go far beyond how the internet is used.

Online activist group Anonymous posts what it says are private contact details for 22 GOP Congressmen

AnonOps, a group affiliated with the online activist group known as Anonymous, posted what it says are the private cell phone numbers and email addresses for 22 Republican members of Congress in a bid to push for President Trump's impeachment, rei

The Real Reason ISPs Hate Net Neutrality Regulation

The current network neutrality fight is really a wide-ranging power struggle between internet service providers and internet activists, between Republicans and Democrats.

Verizon -- Yes, Verizon -- Just Stood Up for Your Privacy

Fourteen of the biggest US tech companies filed a brief with the Supreme Court on Aug 14 supporting more rigorous warrant requirements for law enforcement seeking certain cell phone data, such as location information.

Computer & Communications Industry Association Stands Against DOJ Anti-Trump Site Info Demand

Computer companies are standing with a web hosting company that is facing a search warrant obtained by the Department of Justice to 1.3 million IP addresses of an anti-Trump protest web site.