Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

Russia Inquiry Fails to Unite a Nation

[Commentary] As the country grapples with a  serious affront to American democracy, the agreement on the basic facts in the mainstream news media does not extend to Rupert Murdoch’s media empire and other important parts of the conservative media.

Tech Executives Are Contrite About Election Meddling, but Make Few Promises on Capitol Hill

Executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter appeared on Capitol Hill for the first time on Oct 31 to publicly acknowledge their role in Russia’s influence on the presidential campaign, but offered little more than promises to do better.

Net Neutrality: Why Artists and Activists Can’t Afford to Lose It

[Commentary] The exchange of information and ideas that takes place on the internet is more important now than ever. To protect it, we need to keep the current network neutrality rules in places.

Broadband-Boosting Bill Draft Circulated

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) and Communications Subcommittee Ranking Member Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) have circulated the draft of a bill that would speed the deployment of 5G, just one a host of moves to goose the buildout o

Coders of the world, unite: can Silicon Valley workers curb the power of Big Tech?

[Commentary] Big Tech is broken.  Suddenly, a wide range of journalists and politicians agree on this.

Measuring Impact of Broadband in 5 Rural MN Communities

Access to, and use of, high-speed Internet is critical for today’s communities. Across rural Minnesota are stories of communities putting in the hard work necessary to bring the benefits of broadband home.

Local ISP sees net neutrality’s demise

Equal protection of data under the law could be removed from the internet for US users. At a recent Keweenaw County Board meeting, Pasty.Net president Charles Hopper discussed the probability that net neutrality laws would be repealed in November

This is not the people’s FCC

Being an amateur radio operator I pay a little more attention to the goings-on at the Federal Communications Commission than the average person might.

Will Facebook Kill All Future Facebooks?

Since 2012, Facebook has repeatedly copied or acquired social-media apps that gain traction.

ADT Urges Continuation of Certain Net Neutrality Rules for Alarm Providers

ADT filed a letter to urge the Federal Communications Commission to maintain core net neutrality protections for alarm providers, including preventing blocking or throttling and precluding anticompetitive prioritization schemes. ADT asserted the F