White House

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Works to Make it Easier for People with Disabilities to Access Public Services Online

In recognition of the 33rd Anniversary of the American Disabilities Act (ADA), the Biden-Harris administration is taking new steps to strengthen the ADA and improve online accessibility to state and local services for the nearly 50 million people with disabilities with vision, hearing, cognitive, and manual dexterity disabilities. The Department of Justice (DOJ) is proposing a new rule that would establish accessibility standards for state and local governments’ web and mobile app-based services.

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Devices to Protect American Consumers

The Biden-Harris Administration announced a cybersecurity certification and labeling program to help Americans more easily choose smart devices that are safer and less vulnerable to cyberattacks. The new “U.S. Cyber Trust Mark program proposed by Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel would raise the bar for cybersecurity across common devices, including smart refrigerators, smart microwaves, smart televisions, smart climate control systems, smart fitness trackers, and more.

National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan

President Biden's March 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy lays out a vision for cyberspace. It outlines a path for achieving two significant shifts: the need for more capable actors in cyberspace to bear more of the responsibility for cybersecurity and the need to increase incentives to make investments in long term-resilience. The Implementation Plan is structured by pillar and strategic objective, to align with the National Cybersecurity Strategy, which has the following 5 pillars and strategic objectives:

Bidenomics Is Growing South Carolina’s Economy From the Middle Out and Bottom Up

President Biden’s economic agenda—Bidenomics—is growing the American economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down. And if most South Carolina Republican Members of Congress had their way, the state would have lost out on over $2.6 billion in infrastructure funding and nearly $1 billion in funding for high-speed internet for South Carolina. Nearly $1 billion in funds were awarded to South Carolina to deliver affordable, high-speed internet to every South Carolinian under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), using Made in America material.

President Biden Taps Ferguson, Holyoak for FTC

President Joe Biden announced his intent to nominate Andrew Ferguson and Melissa Holyoak to be commissioners of the Federal Trade Commission. Ferguson is the Solicitor General of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He oversees the appellate litigation of Virginia and its agencies; represents Virginia before the Supreme Court of the United States, the Supreme Court of Virginia and the federal courts of appeals; and defends Virginia’s statutes and regulations from constitutional challenge.

Remarks by President Biden on Bidenomics

The first time in a generation, the path of the middle class seemed out of reach. I knew we couldn’t go back to the same failed policies when I ran, so I came into office determined to change the economic direction of this country, to move from trickle-down economics to what everyone began to call “Bidenomics.” I designed and we signed [the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act]. Think of it this way: Nearly a century ago, Franklin Roosevelt’s Rural Electrification Act — Rural Electrification — brought electricity to millions of Americans in rural America.

Statement from President Joe Biden on Proposed FCC All-in Pricing Rule

My Administration’s top priority is lowering the cost of living for the middle class, and that includes cracking down on companies’ use of junk fees to hide true costs from families, who end up paying more as a result. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), under the leadership of Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, proposed a new rule that would require cable and satellite TV providers to give consumers the all-in price for the service they’re offering up front.