The Congressional Bill That Would Save Community Broadband Networks Nationwide

House Communications Subcommittee Ranking Member Anna Eshoo (D-CA) introduced federal legislation to help communities across the country develop locally-controlled communications networks, setting up a fierce battle with anti-municipal broadband R

Is New York City’s Public Wi-Fi Actually Connecting the Poor?

LinkNYC, New York City's newest communications network, includes more than 350 kiosks installed on sidewalks throughout the city and was created to repurpose payphone infrastructure through public kiosks offering free Internet, phone calls, and US

Two Months of Internet Blackouts Have Taken a Toll on Kashmir

Earlier in the summer of 2016, the north Indian state of Kashmir was hit with a new wave of riots when young militant leader Burhan Wani was killed by state police.

Challenge Over UK Bulk Hacking Powers Taken to European Court of Human Rights

Activist group Privacy International and five Internet and communications providers lodged an application before the European Court of Human Rights to challenge the United Kingdom's use of bulk hacking powers abroad.

Why Smartphones Are Now Adding Iris Scanners

For those who value their privacy, Samsung might be making it a little harder for someone to break into your phone.

Big Telecom Wants a DC Circuit Net Neutrality Review. Here’s Why That’s Unlikely

The nation’s largest cable and telecommunication industry trade groups on July 29 asked a federal court for a rare “en banc” review of June’s decision upholding US rules protecting network neutrality, the principle that all content on the Internet

WSJ Reporter: Homeland Security Tried to Take My Phones at the Border

On July 21, a Wall Street Journal reporter claimed that the Department of Homeland Security demanded access to her mobile phones when she was crossing the border at the Los Angeles (CA) airport.