Big Tech Lobbying Gutted an Illinois Bill That Would Ban Recording You Without Consent

An Ilinois bill that sought to empower average people to file lawsuits against tech companies for recording them without their knowledge via microphone-enabled devices was defanged this week after lobbying from trade associations representing Sili

No One Trusts Big Telecom to Build a Better Broadband Access Map

After spending the better part of the last decade fighting against more accurate broadband mapping data, the broadband industry recently proclaimed the sector was now “leading the charge” for better data.

Some Democrats Are Ready to Water Down Their Own Net Neutrality Bill

Democratic lawmakers continue to push their new network neutrality bill through Congress, but there’s signs that several members of the party are already eager to water down the proposal. During March 12 hearings on the proposal in the House Commu

T-Mobile Reveals More Location Data Abuse Following Questions from Sen Wyden

In response to questions from Sen Ron Wyden (D-OR), T-Mobile has revealed another case of abuse, in which a “bad actor” acquired location information without consumer consent. “It is now abundantly clear that you have failed to be good stewards of