Putin foes fear Internet crackdown as 'blogger law' sails through

Russia's upper house of parliament approved a law that will impose stricter rules on bloggers and is seen by critics as an attempt by President Vladimir Putin to stifle dissent on the Internet.

Bipartisan group slams US SEC for resisting email privacy reform

A coalition of liberals and conservatives is lashing out at the US Securities and Exchange Commission for pushing back against legislation that would force government agencies to get warrants before they access the e-mail of people under investiga

Japan attack on wireless 'oligopoly' awkward for SoftBank's US plans

For Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son, who wants to build the world's largest mobile Internet company, criticism of his operations from regulators in his home market could not come at a worse time.

Facebook gets US antitrust approval to buy Oculus

Social network giant Facebook has won US antitrust approval to buy Oculus VR, a two-year-old maker of virtual reality goggles, the Federal Trade Commission said.

Brazilian Congress passes Internet bill of rights

Brazil's Senate unanimously approved groundbreaking legislation that guarantees equal access to the Internet and protects the privacy of Brazilian users in the wake of US spying revelations.

Obamacare enrollees urged to change passwords over Heartbleed bug

Americans with accounts on President Barack Obama's health insurance enrollment website,, were advised that their passwords had been reset to guard against the "Heartbleed" bug, in a message posted on the site.

Sprint/T-Mobile merger may prompt US FCC to rewrite auction rules

A planned merger of Sprint and T-Mobile US could prompt US regulators to rewrite rules they are now weighing for a 2015 auction of airwaves, according to sources familiar with the proposed plan.

Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald Caution Against Wider Government Monitoring

Edward Snowden and reporter Glenn Greenwald, who brought to light the whistleblower's leaks about mass US government surveillance in 2013, appeared together via video link from opposite ends of the earth for what was believed to be the first time

Internet companies' growing ambitions spook 51 percent of Americans: Reuters/Ipsos poll

The personal data gathering abilities of Google, Facebook and other tech companies has sparked growing unease among Americans, with a majority worried that Internet companies are encroaching too much upon their lives, a new poll showed.

President Obama's NSA overhaul may require phone carriers to store more data

President Barack Obama's plan for overhauling the National Security Agency's phone surveillance program could force carriers to collect and store customer data that they are not now legally obliged to keep, according to US officials.