Wanted: a watchdog for the mobile medical app explosion

A smartphone app that rids you of acne. Another that monitors your heart rate 24-7. One that detects skin cancer by looking at your birthmarks. If they sound too good to be true, they may be.

AT&T sees 20 percent cut in U-verse content costs after DirecTV merger

AT&T said it expects to cut programming costs for its U-verse television product by more than 20 percent with its $48.5 billion purchase of satellite television provider DirecTV - savings that will be the biggest portion of the deal's cost ben

China’s State Media Urges “Severe Punishment” for US Tech Firms

Chinese state media lashed out at Google, Apple and other US technology companies, calling on Beijing “to punish severely the pawns” of the US government for monitoring China and stealing secrets.

Turkey lifts its ban on YouTube-agency

Turkey has lifted its ban on video-sharing website YouTube as material deemed insulting to Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has been removed, Turkish state-run news agency Anatolian reported.

State of the art: Women call few of film's digital shots

It's too bad women can't computer-generate more of their own participation in the technical side of filmmaking. Digital animation and visual effects are so widespread today that studios can end up using them in nearly every shot.

Deutsche Telekom Willing to Keep Stake in T-Mobile-Sprint Tie-Up

Kyodo news agency reported that Deutsche Telekom had agreed to a Softbank plan to buy T-Mobile.

Iranian judge summons Facebook CEO for breach of privacy

A conservative Iranian court opened a case against instant messaging services WhatsApp and Instagram while also summoning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over complaints of privacy violation, state news agency ISNA reported.

US states probe eBay cyber attack as customers complain

EBay came under pressure over a massive hacking of customer data as three US states began investigating the e-commerce company's security practices.

Connecticut, Florida and Illinois said they are jointly investigating the matter.

Elderly may have trouble accessing online health records

Electronic medical records will let patients access their health information over the Internet, but a new study suggests some of the most vulnerable older Americans may be left behind.

Verizon CEO says not interested in Dish, focus on online streaming

Verizon's CEO Lowell McAdam shot down rumors that the company was in potential merger talks with satellite operator Dish Network, days after rival AT&T announced plans to buy no 1. US satellite operator DirecTV.