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Facebook and Twitter are opening up a bit to academic researchers, so platforms “can make better decisions”

Facebook announced April 9 that it plans to give a limited group of soon-to-be determined academics some access to Facebook data as needed, with a research emphasis on how Facebook influences elections in different countries around the world.

Local TV news gets a $2.6 million boost from the Knight Foundation

The Knight Foundation announced that it is boosting local TV news with $2.6 million across five organizations that will help students of color gain experience in local TV markets, bring together broadcast journalists focused on digital innovation

Good Journalism Won't Be Enough

[Commentary]  It is time to discard the perception of “good journalism” as being enough.

The FCC is swiftly changing national media policy. What does that mean on the local level?

The Federal Communications Commission’s anticipated decision on net neutrality has (rightfully) garnered a lot of publicity and scrutiny.

What does fake news tell us about life in the digital age? Not what you might expect

[Commentary] Five months after the US elections, fake news remains high on media, political, and public agendas, having sparked a wave of concern, responses, and counter-responses in countries around the world.