New Republic

How campaigns are using marketing, manipulation, and "psychographic targeting" to win elections—and weaken democracy

Republican and Democratic data firms are hard at work on the next generation of digital tools—driven by the idea that political campaigns can identify and influence voters by gathering as much data about them as possible. “To be a technology presi

A Public Option for the Internet

Abdul El-Sayed, who is running for governor of Michigan, just laid out an ambitious program that could serve as a model for states across the country. “MI-Fi” is a a public-public partnership in which the state would provide cities and municipalit

The Left’s War Against The New York Times

The New York Times has flourished under President Donald Trump, witnessing a surge in digital subscriptions and regularly breaking major news about the administration and the Russia inquiry (not to mention #MeToo).

Somehow, Activists Have Put Protecting Net Neutrality Back on the Agenda

[Commentary] When Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler initially proposed rules to allow telecoms to charge Internet companies for access to a “fast lane” to speed content to their users, plenty of people sounded the death rattle

One Billion Hearts, Bleeding as One

[Commentary] Over the last 5 years, the Web has witnessed a dramatic degree of centralization and standardization. That mostly has made life simpler and easier.

Siri, You're Messing Up a Generation of Children

[Commentary] Earlier this year, a mother wrote to Philip Galanes, the “Social Q’s” columnist for The New York Times, asking him what to do when her ten-year-old son called Siri a “stupid idiot.”