It’s Time For An Internet-For-All Public Utility (Before Corona Crashes It)

If ever there was a wake-up call to an immediate infrastructure threat, Corona is it.

With Our New ‘Work From Home’ Life, Could You Say The Internet Is A Luxury?

In our “new normal” world, one could argue that broadband is no longer a luxury, subject to the cartel-like whims of a single local provider.

FCC Should Rethink The 6 GHz Proceeding Given The COVID-19 Crisis

The Federal Communications Commission’s unprecedented proposal to giveaway 1200 MHz of unlicensed spectrum for millions of disparate devices to be laid over critical uses in the 6 GHz band should be reconsidered.

US Funds Free Android Phones For The Poor — But With Permanent Chinese Malware

For years, low-income households have been able to get cheap cell service and even free smartphones via the US government-funded Lifeline Assistance program.