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The Internet Companies That Protect Your Privacy When the Government Starts Prying

With the Snowden revelations, we learned a lot more about how the government snoops into the lives of US citizens and how technology companies help them do it.

What Google Search Algorithm Changes Do To The Internet

Matt Cutts, a senior member of Google's webspam team, announced in early 2014 that Google is working on a new version of their algorithm designed to help small businesses by pushing spammers and content mills into far less prominent search results

What The Netflix Of The Future Might Look Like

Netflix’s streaming service's chief product officer, Neil Hunt, hinted at what the Netflix of the Future might look like. "Our vision is, you won't see a grid and you won't see a sea of titles," said Hunt.

Internal Report Reveals New York Times' Digital Failings

An internal report obtained by BuzzFeed reveals that the New York Times is, by admission of its own employees, struggling to adapt to a digital publishing landscape.

Bill Maher Is Going To Change Washington -- By Getting Rid Of One Awful Politician

According to late-night HBO comedian Bill Maher, there are only two ways a nincompoop in the House of Representatives could lose a seat. "You literally have to die or tweet a picture of your penis," he said.

The Other Gender Gap: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Getting Screwed Out Of Funding

[Commentary] “Do you know how many great business ideas die in the bank parking lot?” a Colorado woman asked then-First Lady Hillary Clinton 20 years ago.

4 Countries That Are Leaving Silicon Valley In Their Tracks

These countries have digitized governments that will put our problems to shame, fast broadband Internet speeds beyond comparison, and instead of hookup apps, you’ll see innovations in energy alternatives.

3 Ways Big Data Is Going To Be Used Against You In The Future

[Commentary] The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology just released a report analyzing future "big data" scenarios we all may face, alongside a 90-day review of the big data practices led by White House advisor John Podesta.

The Email That Created A Movement

When sexism happens on the Internet or in a high-profile setting, Rachel Sklar usually gets a “bat signal” in the form of an e-mail, text, or hashtag alert.

Silicon Valley Turns To An Algorithm To Fix Its Diversity Problem

In Silicon Valley, the algorithm is seen as a magic bullet that can fix almost anything. Now one company is banking on an algorithm to fix the industry's dearth of women and minorities in tech.