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Silicon Valley Turns To An Algorithm To Fix Its Diversity Problem

In Silicon Valley, the algorithm is seen as a magic bullet that can fix almost anything. Now one company is banking on an algorithm to fix the industry's dearth of women and minorities in tech.

Electric Objects Wants To Display the Most Beautiful Parts Of The Internet On Your Wall

Jake Levine thinks the Internet is stuck inside our computers. We turn on our screens, check e-mail, write a Word document, head over to Facebook, maybe watch some Netflix, then turn them off.

How Brazil Has Leapt Ahead Of The US With An Internet Bill Of Rights

Brazil is a place where the Internet landscape is diverging from the United States in a way that benefits ordinary digital citizens: On April 21, Brazil's congress passed a legally binding “Internet Bill of Rights.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg Predicts That Future Moviegoers Will "Pay By The Inch"

Jeffrey Katzenberg has an intriguing prediction for the future of film distribution.

Can A TV Show Get Girls More Into Tech?

Tech outlets across the web have named it “brogramming culture.” And tons of organizations tirelessly work to combat it. It is the overwhelming scarcity of women in tech.

Breaking Up With Facebook? You Better Think Twice

[Commentary] The Internet is ablaze with chatter of how Facebook is “backstabbing” advertisers and “corroding” the relationships between brands and the followers they have worked so hard to attain.

Why The World's Largest Provider Of Online Courses Thinks It's The Answer To Getting Ahead In The New Economy

[Commentary] Not every 18-year-old knows what they want to do with their life; few fully understand the market demand for different skills and competencies; and none know exactly how industries and the implications for their future careers will ev

Despite Knowing Risks, People Are Banking and Filing Taxes Over Public Wi-Fi Networks

Accessing public Wi-Fi networks comes with its risks -- hackers snoop on network traffic -- but a new study finds 39% of US adults have sent sensitive information, including banking information and social security numbers, over such unsecured netw

In The New York Times' New Summary App, A Glimpse At The Future Of Reading

On March 8, the New York Times unveiled a new app called NYT Now that signals a major shift in how publishers package the news.

Samsung's Ultrasonic Smartphone Case Helps The Visually Impaired Sense Their Surroundings

Samsung has developed a smartphone case that helps the visually impaired by enhancing their awareness of their surroundings.