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Cloud? Mall? Why internet metaphors matter in net neutrality debate

Absent intervention by Congress or the courts, the Federal Communication Commission’s net neutrality regulations, which prevent internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast from establishing tiered pricing and levels of access to the intern

How technology tramples on freedom

[Commentary] Rapid advances in biometric technology mean the public is surveilled – and their movements recorded – more than ever before. If this technology spreads without limits, it could soon impinge on basic rights.

Trump vs. the media: the war over facts

[Commentary] There are few signs at the moment that a détente will come in the poisonous relationship between this administration and the mainstream news media.

Why the FCC delayed new privacy regulations for AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast

By stepping back from Obama-era privacy rules, the Trump Administration’s Federal Communications Commission has made another decision that’s likely to benefit internet service providers, but not internet users.

How President Trump is challenging the media to redefine its role

How the media work through this challenge will affect not only how this insurgent presidency is portrayed, but also how the American public sees the role of the press – as a biased meddler or an essential pillar of American democracy.

How app makers increasingly track your every move

As smartphones become ubiquitous, app makers are becoming more brazen about collecting personal data, say experts and privacy advocates.

One town’s quest to join tech revolution – and what it says about digital inequality

Greeley (CO) offers a lens into how wide the digital divide in the US has become, how much it is contributing to a two-tiered society, and, perhaps most important, whether it can be bridged.

President-elect Trump stirs apolitical Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has long been an apolitical bastion of brainy engineers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists more concerned about the next hot social media startup than what's happening in Washington.

Trump’s internet opportunity

[Commentary] We are standing at a critical juncture in our collective digital history.

Are we seeing a turning point in Trump's relationship with Silicon Valley?

All things considered, Donald Trump's meeting with tech industry leaders could have gone much worse.