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How you can bring more truth to campaigns – and government

Combating lies and spin during this election campaign has to start with us, the voters. Here's a toolkit of resources.

A progressive tech platform for the 99 percent

[Commentary] Hillary Clinton's tech agenda doesn't address the most pressing digital issues.

A nutritious news diet

[Commentary] Many people spend a great deal of time thinking about their diets. They try to eat the right foods in the right quantities. Sometimes they may wish they’d made better choices.

Common Core, battered by midterm politics, gets higher-ed support. Too late?

A new coalition of Common Core supporters, this time from the higher-education community, announced itself.

Diplomatic fallout thwarts Gaza telecoms rollout

From tech engineers and software designers to teenagers and businessmen, many in Gaza were eagerly awaiting a shipment from Palestinian mobile company Wataniya.

Arab entrepreneurs face digital divide in Israel's start-up tech scene

There’s a yawning digital business gap between Jews and Arabs, who are largely excluded from Israel’s start-up success.