Rural and urban America divided by broadband access

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission in 2015 redefined broadband as connections with 25 megabits per second (Mbps) download speeds and 4 Mbps upload speeds.

How 5G technology enables the health Internet of things

By the end of the decade, the fifth-generation (5G) network is expected to support 50 billion connected devices with speeds of more than 100 megabits per second.

Brexit: The first major casualty of digital democracy

[Commentary] What are the implications of Brexit for democracy? Arguably, Brexit represents the first major casualty of the ascent of digital democracy over representative democracy. This claim deserves an explanation.

Effective Policy Communication in the Age of Information Overload and YouTube

[Commentary] We live in an age of Information Overload, with over 2 billion Internet users and the rise of social media, there is far more information than we can possibly process.

The Silicon Valley Wage Premium

Software application developers earn large salaries in the United States, $96,260 a year on average. But in metropolitan San Jose they earn $131,270, the highest in the country.

Digitization and Transformative Uses

The mass digitization by Google of millions of books made available to it by various libraries remains a matter of legal contention.

Grappling with the Privacy Paradox

[Commentary] A popular water cooler topic in the policy and technology communities is something called the Privacy Paradox. Recently, EMC Corporation, a leading enterprise cloud-based services company, released its inaugural EMC Privacy Index.

Good News About the Future of News Literacy

[Commentary] In a new Brookings paper, James Klurfeld and Howard Schneider provide a detailed view of an innovative Stony Brook University program that teaches students to do more of the critical vetting of information that professional journalism

A Practical Model for Real Privacy Protection

[Commentary] In their recent paper “Databuse and a Trusteeship Model of Consumer Protection in the Big Data Era”, Benjamin Wittes and Wells Bennett argue we need to reconceptualize privacy.

The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America

As the United States slowly emerges from the Great Recession, a remarkable shift is occurring in the spatial geography of innovation.