A Practical Model for Real Privacy Protection

[Commentary] In their recent paper “Databuse and a Trusteeship Model of Consumer Protection in the Big Data Era”, Benjamin Wittes and Wells Bennett argue we need to reconceptualize privacy.

The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America

As the United States slowly emerges from the Great Recession, a remarkable shift is occurring in the spatial geography of innovation.

The Unintended Consequences of Modifying Copyright Law

[Commentary] The first sale doctrine as it exists today can most easily be understood in the context of books. Suppose someone walks into a bookstore and buys a brand new paperback book.

Internet Governance, Privacy, and the Right to Be Forgotten

[Commentary] In May, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) generated controversy with its ruling on privacy.

Smart Policies to Upgrade the Internet

Policy recommendations to support the IP Transition:

How Three Telecomm Leaders See the Future of Mobile, Video, Content Delivery, and the Internet of Things

On May 2, the Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) at Brookings hosted a panel of industry experts to address the future of digital content delivery in the United States, including discussion on how the explosion of video streaming is changing h

The Evolution of Video Streaming and Digital Content Delivery

It is a time of great change in telecommunications -- new platforms have emerged that stream video and voice over the Internet and deliver content via tablets and smartphones.

How to Ensure that Streaming Video Doesn’t Crush the Internet

Streaming video sites like Netflix and YouTube account for more than half of downstream Internet traffic. These tectonic shifts require new infrastructure investments to ensure quality and consistent delivery.

Three Ways Mesh Networks with Peer-to-Peer Connections Can Revolutionize Communications (without the Internet)

Imagine a mobile application where you can share messages and photos with other users, but without an Internet connection.

The Transformative Impact of Data and Communication on Governance: Part 3

How sustainable are technology-based initiatives? Certainly in some cases they are intended as short-term solutions, such as is the case with post-disaster deployments of GIS platforms like Ushahidi.