The Internet as a human right

Summer 2016, the United Nations declared that it considers the Internet to be a human right.

Opting in to better online privacy protection

The new Internet service provider privacy rules mandate that consumers must affirmatively opt-in to allow ISP sharing of their app and browsing histories, mobile location data, and any other identifiable information that can be gleaned from intern

Center for Technology Innovation welcomes Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee

Brookings Vice President Darrell West announced that Dr Nicol Turner-Lee has joined the Brookings Institution’s Governance Studies program.

How digital readiness affects job retraining for labor market growth

Job creation has been a central issue in 2016’s presidential campaign, particularly how best to increase the number of available higher-paying jobs. This challenge is two-fold.

Global economy loses billions from Internet shutdowns

In June 2016, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a non-binding resolution condemning the intentional shutdown or disruption of domestic Internet access.

Why modest broadband development steps mark a significant leap ahead

[Commentary] In recent years, much of our domestic attention on broadband development has focused on residential service, with the National Broadband Plan goal of having 100 million Americans with 100 megabits per second (Mbps) network capability

Why the new Internet governance system should proceed quickly

By the end of September, both the United States and the world at large will reach an important Internet milestone—the handoff of American oversight of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions that are needed to maintain the Interne

Are you safe? Facebook’s Safety Check and the future of emergency management

[Commentary] On July 28, Facebook issued a Safety Check in response to a shooting in a Chicago (IL) neighborhood, asking its users located in the area to verify if they were safe.

What is the tone of the 2016 presidential campaign on Facebook?

The words and language used every day reveal who we are and what we want. They translate our internal thoughts and emotions to others as means of communication.

Next battlefield in the “game of gigs”: Cities and poles

[Commentary] As metropolitan economies of all shapes and sizes prepare for a future with gigabit-speed broadband, one of the biggest costs to deploying a fiber network is preparing utility poles to carry a new fiber line.