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This Changes Nothing; This Changes Everything

[Commentary] Expecting, perhaps, a wave of new Members of Congress, we had an eye on the elections of Members of key Congressional committees with jurisdiction over telecommunications.

Stronger Together For and With Great Broadband

Recently, I gave a speech in Wilson (NC) at a conference on Expanding the Gigabit Ecosystem.

Make America Great—with Great Broadband

The primary objective of broadband policy ought to be to stimulate faster, better, cheaper broadband. There are many paths up the mountain. Let me offer a couple of thoughts based on my experiences with other communities.

Community Anchor Institutions Served by Government and Non-Profit Fiber Networks

State and local governments have been providing anchor institutions with high-speed data connections using fiber-optic networks for several decades.

FCC Acts to Increase Consumer Privacy Choice

[Commentary] In today's digital world, consumers deserve the ability to make informed choices about their online privacy.

What Do We Mean When We Say ‘Digital Equity’ and ‘Digital Inclusion’?

[Commentary] In May 2016, digital inclusion practitioners, advocates, academics, Internet service providers, and policymakers gathered in Kansas City at Net Inclusion: The National Digital Inclusion Summit and a funny thing happened on our way to

A Telecom/Broadband/TV/Wireless/(and now) Entertainment Behemoth: AT&T Buys Time Warner

[Commentary] On October 22, 2016, AT&T and Time Warner announced a definitive agreement under which AT&T will acquire Time Warner for $85.4 billion.

The FCC’s Important Move for Online Privacy

[Commentary] The postal service is not allowed to open your letters to read what you’ve written inside. It’s also not permitted to develop a list of your correspondents to sell to advertisers.

Broadband Infrastructure Policy and Community Anchor Institutions

Federal, state and local government policies concerning access to rights-of-way, pole attachments, tower siting, and other issues can have a significant impact on the pace of broadband network deployment.

Reforming the Most Important Part of the Telecommunications Business You Probably Don't Know About

Last week, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler circulated a proposed update of the FCC’s Business Data Services (BDS) rules.