AT&T Offers 3 Ways to Stream Premium Video Content, Launches DirectTV Now

On Nov 30, AT&T begins offering 3 video streaming services – DIRECTV NOW, FreeVIEW and Fullscreen. This is rules-free TV for anyone in the US who wants to stream shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

Making Access to Broadband a Reality for Low-Income Americans

We are notifying the Federal Communications Commission that we are “opting-in” to the forbearance granted in the Commission’s 2016 Lifeline Modernization Order.

When Disruption Spurs Innovation and Investment

[The AT&T/Time Warner] transaction will reshape the competitive landscape.

AT&T, WOW announce 1-gig deployments as battle over Huntsville, Ala. heats up

AT&T and WOW simultaneously announced 1-gig deployments Oct 11, setting up Huntsville (AL) as the latest unlikely location for a pitched battle between competing cable and telecommunication gigabit-speed services.

Joan Marsh Takes Over Leadership of AT&T's Federal Regulatory Team in DC

The week of Oct 3, I am privileged to take over leadership of AT&T’s Federal Regulatory team in AT&T’s DC office.

Failing to Pass the Straight-Face Test

Sept 12, AT&T filed comments with the Office of Management and Budget on the Federal Communications Commission’s woefully deficient analysis of the burdens associated with the so-called enhanced transparency requirements adopted in the 2015 Op

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Over the past several months, the Federal Communications Commission – first through its hired economist, and later through Staff – has released over 100 regressions that purport to analyze the data the Commission has collected about the Business D

Broadband Investment: Not for the Faint of Heart

Building reliable, ubiquitous high-speed broadband connectivity is tough. It takes an enormous commitment of capital and resources and a highly-skilled and capable work force. Yet AT&T has been at it for over 140 years.

Facts not Fiat

AT&T filed its response to a July 27 Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) issued by the Federal Communications Commission for alleged violations of the lowest corresponding price (LCP) requirements of the E-rate program.

A Return to Permission-Less Innovation

The latest chapter of the Wi-Fi vs.