AT&T Responds, Again, to Wireless Bureau's Sponsored Data Inquiry

As we explain (again) in the response provided to the Wireless Bureau, the video entertainment marketplace is ripe for disruptive change, which is exactly why consumers have enthusiastically embraced Data Free TV in all its competitive forms.

AT&T Offers 3 Ways to Stream Premium Video Content, Launches DirectTV Now

On Nov 30, AT&T begins offering 3 video streaming services – DIRECTV NOW, FreeVIEW and Fullscreen. This is rules-free TV for anyone in the US who wants to stream shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

Making Access to Broadband a Reality for Low-Income Americans

We are notifying the Federal Communications Commission that we are “opting-in” to the forbearance granted in the Commission’s 2016 Lifeline Modernization Order.

When Disruption Spurs Innovation and Investment

[The AT&T/Time Warner] transaction will reshape the competitive landscape.

AT&T, WOW announce 1-gig deployments as battle over Huntsville, Ala. heats up

AT&T and WOW simultaneously announced 1-gig deployments Oct 11, setting up Huntsville (AL) as the latest unlikely location for a pitched battle between competing cable and telecommunication gigabit-speed services.

Joan Marsh Takes Over Leadership of AT&T's Federal Regulatory Team in DC

The week of Oct 3, I am privileged to take over leadership of AT&T’s Federal Regulatory team in AT&T’s DC office.

Failing to Pass the Straight-Face Test

Sept 12, AT&T filed comments with the Office of Management and Budget on the Federal Communications Commission’s woefully deficient analysis of the burdens associated with the so-called enhanced transparency requirements adopted in the 2015 Op

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Over the past several months, the Federal Communications Commission – first through its hired economist, and later through Staff – has released over 100 regressions that purport to analyze the data the Commission has collected about the Business D

Broadband Investment: Not for the Faint of Heart

Building reliable, ubiquitous high-speed broadband connectivity is tough. It takes an enormous commitment of capital and resources and a highly-skilled and capable work force. Yet AT&T has been at it for over 140 years.

Facts not Fiat

AT&T filed its response to a July 27 Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) issued by the Federal Communications Commission for alleged violations of the lowest corresponding price (LCP) requirements of the E-rate program.