Delivering on the Broadband Promise to All Americans

If a recent House Communications Subcommittee hearing on broadband infrastructure is any measure, there appears to be growing consensus that any new infrastructure bill should include dollars for broadband – arguably the most essential infrastruct

Maximizing Investment (and Jobs) In Broadband Networks

With so many consumers and businesses voluntarily transitioning to the newer IP-based and wireless services, the Federal Communications Commission, under the prior Administration, began a series of proceedings to examine what, if any, changes need

BDS Reform for 2017, Not 2005

As the business data services (BDS) proceeding is drawing to a close, some are still arguing for an additional delay, suggesting that resolution of this proceeding is contrary to the facts and will slow the deployment of 5G services.

Reversing Obama's FCC Regulations: A Path to Consumer-Friendly Privacy Protections

[C]ompanies that collect and use the most customer information on the internet are not the Internet service providers but other internet companies, including operating system providers, web browsers, search engines, and social media platforms.

Business Data Services: Delivering on the Trump Regulatory Reform Agenda

March 30, the Federal Communications Commission circulated a drastically different vision for the Business Data Services marketplace [than what was seen during the Wheeler FCC].

Delivering on the Broadband Promise to All Americans

Congress continues to have significant concerns around how to design an infrastructure program to ensure that any dollars designated for broadband are spent wisely. Fortunately, there is a solution.

FCC Reform: Let's Start with the Enforcement Bureau

Federal Communications Commission reform is a topic of much discussion these days. Indeed, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has already initiated some important process reforms and we anticipate that more are coming.

AT&T Response to Wireless Bureau's Review of Sponsored Data Programs

It remains unclear why the Wireless Bureau continues to question the value of giving consumers the ability to watch video without incurring any data charges.

AT&T Unveils AT&T Call Protect to Help Customers Manage Unwanted Calls

Dec 20, AT&T launches AT&T Call Protect. The free network-based service gives eligible AT&T wireless customers with HD Voice more control over unwanted calls on their smartphones.

AT&T Responds, Again, to Wireless Bureau's Sponsored Data Inquiry

As we explain (again) in the response provided to the Wireless Bureau, the video entertainment marketplace is ripe for disruptive change, which is exactly why consumers have enthusiastically embraced Data Free TV in all its competitive forms.