Since 1981, three core values have guided our programmatic approach: access, equity and diversity. The Benton Foundation still believes in these values and the power of using communications to strengthen communities, whether they are defined as communities of place (such as neighborhoods) or affinity (such as cultural groups).

Recognizing the serious threats to the public of current developments in media policy, the foundation has decided to focus its activities on an area of longstanding and core interest—ensuring that the public benefits from the emerging digital communications environment. Its goals moving forward include:

  • articulating and promoting a public interest vision and communications policy alternatives for the digital age,
  • raising awareness among funders and nonprofits of their stake in the critical policy issues of the digital age, and
  • enabling communities and nonprofits to produce diverse, decentralized and locally responsive content.

Current :

The Benton Foundation creates and incubates innovative projects to further its mission of demonstrating the value of communications for solving social problems. Over the years foundation initiatives have included: