Will Fixed Wireless Access Peak Soon?

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Based on conversations I've had with some of my peers, I have to ask: will fixed wireless access (FWA) peak soon? Every person I've asked has dismissed FWA wireless as a temporary technology with no real long-term legs. My peers say that FWA is already oversubscribed, cell towers aren't designed to handle all-day broadband connections, and that the service is just not good enough. Interestingly, the numbers seem to be telling a different story: T-Mobile and Verizon predict they will collectively reach 15 million FWA customers. That's not to say some of my peers' observations don't run true. FWA costs significantly less than big cable broadband, and there are a lot of customers for whom price is the predominant factor. I don’t think anybody knows for sure where FWA is going to top out. But it doesn’t feel to me like it's already hit the top of the market.

Will FWA Wireless Peak Soon?