Vexus Fiber is building 12,000 passings per month in LA, NM, TX

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Regional operator Vexus Fiber is expanding its network across Louisiana, New Mexico, and its home state of Texas, and it’s planning to roll out multi-gig service by the start of 2024. CEO Jim Gleason said Vexus is constructing fiber on a pace of around 12,000 new homes passed per month, spanning roughly a dozen markets in Texas, three in Louisiana, and three in New Mexico. Thus far, the company has “a little over” 300,000 fiber passings and is aiming to reach “north of a million” passings over the next five years. Gleason said the forthcoming multi-gig rollout is fueled by a $2.5 million network upgrade that was completed in the summer of 2023.



Vexus Fiber is building 12K passings per month in LA, NM, TX