Vacancies on FCC's Native Nations Communications Task Force

The Federal Communications Commission seeks nominations to fill three Tribal vacancies on the Native Nations Communications Task Force.  Members appointed by the FCC Chairman to fill the vacancies will serve through the end of the Task Force’s current three-year term, which runs through October 2021. The Task Force’s mission is to make recommendations to the FCC on communications-related issues that affect Tribal interests. The Task Force is intended to provide an effective means for Tribal thought leaders to exchange ideas and develop recommendations to the FCC on, among other things, the availability of communications facilities and services – including, but not limited to, broadband—on Tribal lands, which will in turn enhance the FCC’s ability to carry out its statutory responsibilities to ensure the availability of communication by wire and radio and encourage broadband deployment to all Americans. Since its establishment in March 2011, the Task Force has been composed of senior FCC staff and elected or appointed leaders from federally recognized Tribal governments or governmental entities, or their designated employees, and has helped the FCC fulfill its commitment to increasing broadband deployment and adoption on Tribal lands. 

The issues to be considered by the Task Force may include but are not limited to: (i) executing the FCC’s Tribal Consultation policy; (ii) identifying barriers to broadband deployment that are unique to Tribal lands; and (iii) ensuring Tribal concerns are considered in all FCC proceedings related to broadband and other FCC undertakings that affect Tribal interests regarding communications services and facilities.

Nominations for membership must be received by the FCC no later than August 26, 2019.

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