The US Needs a Data Protection Agency

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I’m introducing new legislation to create a Data Protection Agency and bring the protection of your privacy and freedom into the digital age. The US must make an effort to take the lead and do something about data protection. The Data Protection Act would address this head-on. My legislation would establish an independent federal agency, the Data Protection Agency, that would serve as a “referee” to define, arbitrate, and enforce rules to defend the protection of our personal data. This agency would have three core missions:

  1. Give Americans control and protection over their own data by enforcing data protection rules.
  2. Work to maintain the most innovative, successful tech sector in the world and ensure fair competition within the digital marketplace.
  3. Prepare the American government for the digital age. The agency would advise Congress on emerging privacy and technology issues, like Deepfakes and encryption.

The US Needs a Data Protection Agency Confronting A Data Privacy Crisis, Gillibrand Announces Landmark Legislation To Create A Data Protection Agency Sen. Gillibrand proposes a new government agency to protect privacy on the internet (CNBC)