Treasury Department Approves of Federal Funds to Connect Over 47,300 Mississippians

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The US Department of the Treasury approved the use of $151.5 million for high-speed internet projects in Mississippi under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Capital Projects Fund (CPF). Mississippi is approved to receive $151.5 million for broadband infrastructure projects, which the state estimates will connect approximately 47,300 homes and businesses to affordable, high-speed internet. Mississippi’s funding will go to the Broadband Expansion and Accessibility of Mississippi (BEAM) fund, a new competitive grant program designed to fund three types of broadband investments: large-scale projects, line extensions, and community-based broadband projects. The BEAM fund will prioritize last-mile fiber applicants for large-scale and line extension projects and will prioritize high-speed, reliable internet to downtown commercial areas for community-based broadband projects. The plan approved by the Treasury Department represents 93% of the state’s total allocation under the CPF program. Mississippi submitted plans for the remainder of their CPF funds and these plans are currently under review by the Treasury Department. 

Treasury Department Announces Approval of Federal Funds to Connect Over 47,300 Mississippi Homes and Businesses