Supreme Court Rules FCC Can Relax Media-Ownership Rules

The US Supreme Court let the Federal Communications Commission ease limits on the ownership of local television and radio stations, siding with the broadcast industry and Trump-era regulators in a long-running fight. The Justices unanimously overturned an appeals court ruling that had required the FCC to first study the potential impact on female and minority ownership in the media industry. Republicans and the broadcast industry have been seeking to relax the ownership limits for decades, saying the restrictions are badly outdated. "We lost, and that is unfortunate," said attorney Andrew J. Schwartzman.  "However, the Court rejected the NAB's efforts to obtain a ruling that would have essentially removed the FCC's power to impose limits on broadcast ownership.  This will enable our clients to enforce and improve ownership limits in the future." “This decision clearly reinforces the FCC’s authority to issue new, stronger rules if the record would support that,” continued Schwartzman, co-counsel for the group that challenged the FCC’s rules relaxation. “We will likely press for better data and for rules that would address increased concentration nationally and within local markets.”

Supreme Court Rules FCC Can Relax Media-Ownership Rules Supreme Court Overturns Third Circuit Smackdown of Broadcast Dereg (B&C)