Todd Shields

T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Gets Majority Support at FCC

Apparently, T-Mobile's bid to acquire Spring has received a third “yes” vote at the Federal Communications Commission.  All three Republicans on the five-member agency have voted for the deal, setting in motion procedures that would require agency

Free Cable for Firehouses Put at Risk by FCC Vote

Cable systems around the US provide towns and cities with public-access channels showing school board and city council meetings, as well as networks like one that keeps New York City’s firefighters connected to the internet.

Small Broadband Companies Claim FCC Win Over AT&T and Verizon

The largest US telephone companies in 2018 asked regulators to kill limits on the rates smaller carriers can be charged for connecting to the giants’ networks.

A $20 Billion Wireless Stockpile Is the Key to T-Mobile Merger

About $20 billion worth of wireless airwaves are sitting dormant, public goods whose rights were acquired by Dish, in government auctions over the past decade.

T-Mobile Under Pressure to Sweeten Sprint Package for DOJ Nod

T-Mobile suffered a significant setback in its bid for regulatory approval of its takeover of Sprint after failing to win over the Department of Justice (DOJ) with a remedy package, putting pressure on the companies to offer more concessions.

T-Mobile’s Late-Game Filing Could Be a Bad Sign for Sprint Deal

The 63-page filing by T-Mobile the week fo March 4 was meant to demonstrate that its purchase of rival Sprint is in the public interest.

FCC pauses review of T-Mobile-Sprint deal to examine new arguments

The Federal Communications Commission paused its review of T-Mobile's proposed purchase of Sprint, adding to an already protracted battle to win approval to combine the third- and fourth-largest US wireless providers.

Rift Between US and European Carriers Opens Over Huawei

CTIA, a trade group representing top US wireless providers, disagreed with European and Asian counterparts over alleged security threats from Chinese equipment maker Huawei.

T-Mobile Tweaks Sprint Deal Rationale as Opponents See Problems

T-Mobile is offering a revised rationale for buying Sprint, a turn that critics say is a sign the carrier’s earlier arguments weren’t winning over US officials who can bless or kill the deal.

Making Case for T-Mobile Deal, Sprint Says Its Customers Are Fleeing

Sprint is unable to recover from crippling losses and has told regulators its purchase by T-Mobile would set up a stronger competitor to wireless leaders AT&T and Verizon.