Todd Shields

T-Mobile Tweaks Sprint Deal Rationale as Opponents See Problems

T-Mobile is offering a revised rationale for buying Sprint, a turn that critics say is a sign the carrier’s earlier arguments weren’t winning over US officials who can bless or kill the deal.

Making Case for T-Mobile Deal, Sprint Says Its Customers Are Fleeing

Sprint is unable to recover from crippling losses and has told regulators its purchase by T-Mobile would set up a stronger competitor to wireless leaders AT&T and Verizon.

Facebook and Google Feel Chill From Once-Friendly Washington

Washington officials once dazzled by the swashbuckling entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley are now openly questioning the freedom they’ve bestowed on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Sinclair station sales risk new scrutiny as part of Tribune deal

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s bid to purchase Tribune Media hinges on spinning off TV stations to comply with US limits on broadcast ownership.

Apparently, FCC Plans Rule Change Before Court Can Upend Sinclair Bid

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is said to be planning a vote in July on limits to how many TV stations a company can own, rules he has said are too restrictive and that could factor into Sinclair Broadcast Group’s planned purc

‘No’ Cohen Inquiries on Net Neutrality on AT&T’s Behalf, FCC Chairman Pai Says

Asked at a news conference if he or his staff had had any conversations with representatives from AT&T while the company was paying Michael Cohen for insights into the new administration, including reportedly on net neutrality, President Donal

Legere and Claure at FCC Again Selling T-Mobile, Sprint Merger

T-Mobile’s John Legere and Sprint’s Marcelo Claure met with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to sell their $26.5 billion deal. Legere and Claure also met with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

FCC Shifts $9 Billion Phone Aid Fund Out of Bank of America

The Federal Communications Commission began moving almost $9 billion collected to subsidize phone and broadband service from a Bank of America account to what auditors call safer ground at the US Treasury.

T-Mobile and Sprint CEOs State Case for Merger at FCC

T-Mobile’s John Legere and Sprint’s Marcelo Claure went to the Federal Communications Commission to begin laying the groundwork for their proposed $26.5 billion merger.

Judges Skeptical of FCC in Case Related to Sinclair's Deal

The Federal Communications Commission faced skeptical questioning from judges about a rule change that made way for Sinclair Broadcast Group’s proposed acquisition of Tribune Media, raising the possibility of turmoil for the $3.9 billion deal.  Ju