The state of North Carolina is stepping in to help bridge the digital Homework Gap

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Recent research from the North Carolina Department of Information Technology found that one in every 10 students lacks internet access at home, which makes it hard for them to complete homework assignments outside of school. "If we have a cohort of 10 to 15 percent of students who are in the homework gap now, then how will those students be able to compete in a digital economy in 10 or 15 years?" asked Amy Huffman, a research policy specialist for the NC Broadband Infrastructure office. The state is stepping in with a response to this problem that could eventually close the gap. The Homework Help program will start Fall 2019 in nine library systems spanning 14 counties. Each system will receive $35,000 to spend on things like Chromebooks and mobile hot spots that will be available for students to check out, much like they do with books. "Government has a role to serve to make sure all citizens have access to basic needs of everyday life and internet access right now is a basic need," said Jeff Sural, director of the NC Broadband Infrastructure Office. 

State is stepping in to help bridge the digital Homework Gap