'Significant errors' plague FCC's broadband map, says ISP alliance

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A broadband coalition called the Accurate Broadband Data Alliance (ABDA) is warning the Federal Communications Commission that its national broadband map contains errors that "will hinder and, in many cases, prevent deployment of essential broadband services by redirecting funds away from areas truly lacking sufficient broadband." In a filing, ABDA alleges that "significant errors" exist throughout the broadband map, due in part to incorrect reporting by some internet service providers. "A number of carriers, including LTD Broadband/GigFire LLC and others, continue to overreport Internet service availability, particularly in relation to fixed wireless network capabilities and reach," said the ABDA filing. The ABDA coalition, which submitted its filing in response to the FCC's request for comment on its mapping challenge process, is thus suggesting a "few refining adjustments to the existing process" that it says will result in a more accurate map. In another filing on the challenge process, NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association also urged the FCC to refine its challenge codes and collect more accurate data upfront – particularly on fixed wireless deployments. Pointing to numbers from the FCC showing that, out of 3.7 million fixed availability challenges filed, 2.2 million were "conceded by providers," NTCA said: "While this makes for a better map, this should not be seen as a success story.

'Significant errors' plague FCC's broadband map, says ISP alliance ISPs keep giving false broadband coverage data to the FCC, groups say (ars technica)