Senators Call for FCC to Update National Broadband Map Every Month, so BEAD Grants Are Targeted To Areas With Greatest Need

Sens Ron Wyden, (D-OR), John Barrasso (R-WY), and 12 other bipartisan senators called on the Federal Communication Commission to ensure rural and tribal communities in need receive their fair share of federal broadband grants. The members urged FCC to update the National Broadband Map each month, rather than every 6 months, so broadband grants will be awarded based on the most accurate information. The senators noted that many states were unable to challenge the accuracy of the broadband map in time to meaningfully impact how BEAD funds are being distributed. As a result states that lack the resources to update inaccurate broadband information stand to receive less BEAD funding.

Wyden, Barrasso and 12 Bipartisan Senators Urge FCC To Ensure Rural, Tribal Communities Receive Fair Share of Federal Broadband