Senator Rubio and Colleagues Introduce PRESERVE Online Speech Act

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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and colleagues reintroduced the PRESERVE Online Speech Act. This bill would combat censorship coordination between big tech companies and governments by requiring technology companies to disclose any US or foreign government requests or recommendations regarding content moderation. Specifically, this bill would: 

  • Require internet companies to publicly disclose within seven days any government (US or foreign) request to moderate content outside of a law enforcement proceeding and detail any action taken as a result.
  • Levy a daily fine of $50,000 on non-compliant firms. These funds are directed to the Federal Communications Commission to provide rural broadband access. 
  • Require the FCC to submit an annual report to Congress covering all government censorship requests that year and actions taken as a result.

Rubio, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Halt Big Tech and Government Censorship S.2314