Sen Markey Pledges Nationwide, Grassroots Defense of Net Neutrality, Says New Net Neutrality Bill Headed to Congress

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Whether in the halls of the courts or the halls of Congress, we will fight to defend net neutrality. Nothing less than the fate of the internet is being argued in this court case, and we must do everything we can in this historic fight. We will soon lay down a legislative marker in the Senate in support of net neutrality to show the American people that we are on their side in overwhelming supporting a free and open internet. Both the plain language and Congressional intent behind the Telecommunications Act of 1996 make clear that today, broadband access to the internet is a telecommunications service. As the House author of that landmark bill, I know first-hand what we intended. Yet Chairman Pai and President Trump ignored the statute and Congress’s intent when the FCC reclassified broadband back to an information service and eviscerated the net neutrality rules. They are on the wrong side of history, and I believe the court will find in our favor.

Senator Markey Pledges Nationwide, Grassroots Defense of Net Neutrality As Court Hears Arguments Today A new net neutrality bill is headed to Congress (Vox)