Reps Lance, Doyle Introduce AIRWAVES Act

House Communications Subcommittee Vice Chair Leonard Lance (R-NJ) is joining subcommittee Ranking Member Mike Doyle (D-PA) in introducing bipartisan legislation that will help bring 5G wireless service closer to reality and help close the digital divide.  The "Advancing Innovation and Reinvigorating Widespread Access to Viable Electromagnetic Spectrum", or AIRWAVES Act, will encourage the federal government to free up more spectrum for commercial licensed and unlicensed use.  More spectrum will improve data service from all providers and help close geographic gaps in coverage.  Unlicensed spectrum will also help support the usage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, among other innovations. The legislation includes requirements to make sure rural areas get attention by dedicating certain proceeds from spectrum auctions go directly into development for wireless broadband infrastructure to unserved and underserved areas. "By opening up more federal spectrum for commercial usage we are helping lay the groundwork for 5G," said Vice Chair Lance. 

Reps Lance, Doyle Introduce AIRWAVES Act House Joins Senate in Trying to Free Up More Spectrum (B&C)