Remarks of Acting FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel to Americas Spectrum Management Conference

We need to use this moment to build a foundation for new growth and new opportunity in the post-pandemic world. For this foundation, I believe we need to do two things: reinvigorate the momentum toward 5G and pave the way for 6G and beyond. At the FCC, we are focusing on five principles for delivering 5G that is fast, secure, resilient, and, most importantly, available everywhere in the country:

  1. We are freeing up more spectrum—and especially mid-band spectrum—for 5G.
  2. Switching from the airwaves to the ground, we are expanding the reach of fiber facilities.
  3. On the equipment side, we are diversifying what goes into our 5G networks.
  4. We are not stopping at equipment diversity—we are also building security and resiliency in our supply chains.
  5. On the global stage, we are working with our friends and allies on setting the technology standards of the future.

If we’ve learned anything from our experience in rolling out 5G, it’s that wireless policy is really important for our economic and national security. Let’s acknowledge here and now that it is time to start thinking seriously about how we can better position ourselves for success with 6G. What we need now is new thinking, broader consensus, and more early focus than we had for 5G.  We need a process for prioritizing and executing on spectrum objectives and for developing strategies to align the ends, ways, and means for 6G. We need an initiative that brings together government, business, the non-profit sector, and the rest of civil society and the public to chart a new course.  That way, we can pursue policymaking that works and ensure our continued wireless leadership far into the future.

Acting Chair Rosenworcel to Americas Spectrum Management Conference