Profiles of Monopoly: Big Cable & Telecom

For years, national cable and telecom companies have complained that they work in a tough industry because “there’s too much broadband competition.” Such a subjective statement has created confusion among subscribers, policymakers, and elected officials. Many people, especially those in rural areas, have little or no choice. This is a look at the data and we map out what the large carriers offer and where they offer it. When it comes to ISPs, subscribers often have a faux choice between unequal services, such as one telephone company offering slow DSL and one cable company that offers faster cable Internet access. People in rural America often have even slimmer options because cable ISPs don’t provide broadband in less populated rural areas. In other words, the market has spoken and the market is broken.

Profiles of Monopoly: Big Cable & Telecom ILSR Offers Harsh Connect America Fund Critique, Says Large Carriers Not Investing in Rural Broadband (telecompetitor) Comcast, Charter dominate US; telcos “abandoned rural America,” report says (ars technica)