PISC C-band Comments

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The Public Interest Spectrum Coalition (PISC) is lending some support to the proposal by ACA Connects and others to free up at least 370 MHz of C-band spectrum for fixed wireless while providing a pathway to migrating the program delivery, for which that spectrum is used, to fiber delivery. Currently, the C-band satellite is used by cable operators and broadcasters to receive network programming and get remote video back to the studio. In comments on the Federal Communications Commission's proposed freeing up of the C-band for 5G, and specifically, ACA Connects' et al.'s plan for how to do that, the coalition said that plan "could be shaped to align with the FCC's legal authority and precedent."  

[PISC members include Open Technology Institute, Consumer Reports, Public Knowledge, Common Cause, the National Hispanic Media Coalition, and the Benton Foundation]


ACA Connects C-Band Proposal Gets Some Props From PISC