Nokia pitches open access fiber as a boon for multiple dwelling unit deployments

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The Federal Communications Commission is cracking down on sweetheart deals made between building owners and broadband providers, but that could leave some tenants out in the cold when it comes to reliable internet access. Analysts have warned that without extra financial incentives, some fiber providers may be unwilling to invest enough to deliver a quality network. Cutting the cost of infrastructure is one way to address this problem, and Nokia wants to do this for fiber providers by importing solutions that are working in Europe. The vendor is positioning its software-defined access network (SDAN) and Gigabit Connect as technologies that can make multiple dwelling unit (MDU) deployments more efficient. SDAN is enabled through cloud-native access control software called Altiplano, which Nokia describes as a tool to combine the management of software-defined networks, legacy hardware and third-party equipment. Since SDAN facilitates integration of equipment from different vendors, it can enable an open access network in which the primary infrastructure provider can lease access to multiple service providers.

Nokia pitches open access fiber as a boon for MDU deployments