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We just celebrated our 40th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of Headlines!

For a quarter century, we’ve provided the only free, reliable, and non-partisan daily digest that curates and distributes news about universal broadband, while connecting communications, democracy, and public interest issues. While newsletters are having a moment, we had to take ours to celebrate this milestone and our over 6,000 issues!

Tom Wheeler, former Chairman, Federal Communications Commission: "I LOVE your Daily Digest! Rely on it to keep informed."

Leon Wilson, Chief of Digital Innovation and Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Foundation:  "Your daily digests are beneficial, in-depth and informative. The content and breadth that you all share and cover on a daily basis is short of remarkable. I am always walking away more informed and find myself saving/retaining darn near every single daily digest into a special inbox folder."

Eric Null, U.S. Policy Manager and Global Policy Counsel, Access Now: "Just wanted to give you a hearty THANK YOU for doing this in-some-ways-thankless work. I know my sentiment is felt throughout the space. We all appreciate you putting this list together daily and helping us all stay informed. It certainly makes my life much easier."

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