AT&T will let you mix and match unlimited wireless plans

AT&T is giving wireless customers more flexibility by letting them pick a different unlimited plan for each line on their account.

What a Trump reelection would mean for the tech world

The tech world will be holding its breath to see whether President Donald Trump can pull out a victory.

In remote Alaska, broadband for all remains a dream. So a school district got creative

About as far west as you can go in the US before hitting Russia lies the string of Aleutian Islands. It's where the Discovery Channel's The Deadliest Catch is filmed and where most fish destined for restaurants in the continental US gets processed.  A tiny school system in the region, the Aleutians East Borough School District, educates 230 students across four schools. About 85% of the kids are Alaska Native. Traveling between the four schools requires flights on twin-engine planes or, in one case, a flight followed by a helicopter ride.

School is starting -- and the broadband gap will be a massive problem

Schools are being forced to tackle the digital divide problem in their districts, becoming experts in complex broadband options seemingly overnight. That's on top of grappling with how to make sure their low-income students are fed and healthy, and navigating archaic regulations controlling how they receive funding.