Netflix Responds to SK Broadband's Demand to Pay Bandwidth Usage Fees

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Squid Game is just the beginning. But unfortunately, we have come to a crossroads where Internet gatekeepers could get to decide if the next great Korean story can be watched, and loved, by the world. A single broadband player in Korea is seeking to use its dominance to extract an arbitrary payment from streaming services like Netflix, for simply making our shows and films available on the internet to Korean consumers, who mind you, are already paying for their internet connection. We are doing our part to ensure Netflix isn’t a burden on Korean broadband companies. Working with companies like Samsung and Cisco in the Alliance for Open Media, we built a content delivery network called Open Connect, which we offer free-of-charge to internet service providers around the world. It enables Netflix content to be stored as close to our members as possible, and avoids clogging up the internet. The overwhelming majority of our internet service provider (ISP) partners around the world use Open Connect. It’s proven to reduce at least 95 percent of network traffic, leaving lots of room for other content to go through. It saves cost. And most importantly, consumers are able to enjoy a high-speed, high-quality Netflix experience.

Red Light Green Light? No to Network Usage Fees