NCTA's Powell Remarks to Cable Congress 2018

For all the fire and fury over network neutrality, the debate is increasingly irrelevant. No matter how it is resolved—if it is ever resolved—it will have little real-world impact. Because while we are mired in an intractable squabble, technology and the issues we must face are swiftly moving on. Net neutrality policy does not remotely address the issues companies and consumers are facing today and likely will face in the future.

US policymakers and regulators around the world need to pivot and focus collectively on how to craft a contemporary regulatory framework that nurtures healthy internet growth and addresses the growing list of concerns that truly impact our citizens.  Powell said issues like data privacy, technology addiction, fake news, cybersecurity and market power all impact consumers and must be part of the policy discussion. He offered five general principles that can guide a more holistic regulatory framework:

  1. Reaffirm the inter-dependent nature of the internet ecosystem
  2. Promote infrastructure growth
  3. Subject tech companies to greater scrutiny
  4. Reinvigorate antitrust and competition policy and apply it fairly
  5. Secure and protect the internet

NCTA's Powell Remarks to Cable Congress 2018 NCTA's Powell: Net Neutrality Debate Is Increasingly Irrelevant (B&C)