Minnesota Broadband Task Force Urges Gov Tim Walz to Expedite Federal Funding Allocations

On November 29, Chair of the Minnesota Governor's Task Force on Broadband Teddy Bekele and members of the Task Force sent a letter to Gov Tim Walz (D-MN) urging the state government to expedite the distribution of federal broadband funding. In the letter, Bekele and the Task Force cite American Rescue Plan funds that the state is slated to receive, specifically through the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund, that would bolster the Minnesota Border-to-Border Broadband Infrastructure grant program. "The pandemic has made clear the need for fast, reliable broadband service to all homes and businesses in the state," the letter said. "Federal funding is available to get that infrastructure deployed. Broadband is the foundational element that is a force multiplier for all other issues. We need it to better address critical challenges and build economic opportunity, competitiveness, and prosperity. The state has in place a nationally recognized broadband office and grant program. All that is needed is for the Governor and the Legislature to direct the available federal funding to the Border-to-Border Broadband Infrastructure grant program so that the real work of building out the infrastructure to meet the state’s broadband goals can be achieved. The time is now to invest in our communities."

Letter to Minnesota Gov Tim Walz from MN Broadband Task Force