Lots of Policymakers Hate Section 230 — But They Can't Agree On Why

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Building a consensus to change Section 230 will be harder than it looks. The law’s critics have vastly different and sometimes incompatible ideas about how the law should work. Republican and Democratic policymakers alike have called for sites to bear more legal liability if users post illegal content. For many Republicans, though, that’s paired with a contradictory goal: making them afraid to moderate too harshly. So far, both factions have been able to gloss over that difference with rhetoric about “regulating Big Tech” and a general agreement that Facebook and Google need to shape up. But as policymakers get serious about changes, that split is going to get harder and harder to ignore, with unpredictable consequences for reformers.

Lots of Politicians Hate Section 230 — But They Can't Agree on Why (Vox)